A Cannes Lions first: “Open House for Good” (OHFG!)

A Cannes Lions first: “Open House for Good” (OHFG!) encourages everyone to open up their venues, beach, cabana, yacht, event space during Cannes Lions and discuss the most important topic of our time: Sustainability in all its social, environmental, economic and ethics dimensions. This initiative aims at creating an inclusive moment when everyone can take part. No passes or fancy wristbands needed.

On June 22nd at 2pm. Cannes Lions will open the doors of the Palais Responsibility Hall. OHFG! was initiated by Goodvertising, ACT Responsible, IAA Global, Proto, Adforum in partnership with Cannes Lions. This impulsive movement is gaining industry wide support from networks and brands alike such as Dentsu, Havas, HP Graphics, IPG, Meta, Niantic, RTL, TBWA, The Brandtech Group and WPP.

OHFG! The talk of the Croisette

We need all players in the industry to take part – from industry big wigs to production houses and freelancers, it’s like a Social Media Week on steroids, where it’s up to everyone to cross-pollinate and inspire each other to take action. It could be yoga for good to focus on mental health. A farmer on the beach talking regenerative ocean farming. A debate on an inclusive media space. Everyone is encouraged to curate and make their own events. If we as an industry are going to succeed, we need to stand together. OHFG! is happening around Cannes all week 20-24 June. Check out openhouseforgood.com.

Be part of the change!

Anyone who wants to be part of the Open House For Good, let us know. OHFG! encourages everyone to participate: people who have a venue, people who want to volunteer, people who want to share their passions or people who want to support! This is for all of us in the industry. Just contact us with the name of your event, short description, date, time and venue and it will be publicised at the Responsibility Hall in the Palais and on openhouseforgood.com.

OHFG! kickoff is at 2pm in the Palais des Festivals at the Responsibility Hall. If you have no venues and you would like to organise a happening, you are welcome to use the Responsibility Hall, simply contact us.

Quotes from a selection of the event initiators

“We want to create a truly inclusive event, where everyone can take part – with or without a badge or fancy waistband. Time is running out to tackle the climate emergency – and we need everyone to play their part. Come and be part of the change!” –

Thomas Kolster, Mr. Goodvertising, author and speaker

“Marketing Communications has played an enormous part in reducing poverty, illness and allowing access products and services previously available exclusively to elites. The flipside is that it has also stimulated overconsumption with unwanted consequences on health, waste and environment. We are part of the problem. Let’s be part of the solution” –

Isa Kurata, ACT Responsible co-founder

“The time is now to open doors, collaborate and act together to expedite progress behind sustainability. There is no better industry to lead that charge. No egos, no agendas, just the most creative humans working together on re-setting the industry’s priorities” –

Dagmara Szulce, Managing Director, IAA Global

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