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Since 2010, we’ve been pioneers in showcasing a different way forward sparking a global movement for meaningful growth and coining the term, Goodvertising, long time before business-as-a-force for good, impact or sustainability was even cool.

Founded by global thought-leader and purpose-pioneer Thomas Kolster, we’re a global player working across the whole ecosystem from brands, agencies, media to industry bodies. Our proprietary strategic tools and processes are globally used, and our change programs has inspired and shifted minds and behaviors in more than +70 markets. Our creative lab keeps challenging the status quo on a search for new ways to create impact.

Purpose is tired

We pioneer
a new way

For most brands, purpose is either viewed as a lifeboat or as a crusade to reinvigorate growth. But it’s no longer the differentiator, the love magnet or business driver it used to be back in the days when Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ was an outlier.

Today, we’re pioneering what we call a post-purpose market. Everybody can claim to have values, but it’s the brand who have helped you become healthier, greener or fight biases, that’s going to win people’s trust and appear authentic. Which brand has actually created real positive change in your life? There is no room for more preachers in the marketplace, but we can all need a coach towards a better version of ourselves. It’s about time we move from asking the naval gazing “why?” to “who” can you help people become?

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