THIS. is what advertising was made for.

We live in a world where it’s never been easier to be disenchanted, disempowered, detached from hope.

So far removed from our true purpose and protection of the planet that gives us life.

Can the power of youth be the force that uplifts, encourage and, ultimately, saves us?

It seems Greenpeace has the answer.

Encouraged by the generation that are inheriting this planet, the film inspires and empowers people to make an accessible, and ethical choice.

The campaign comes with their newly unveiled ambitious goal: a reduction in the amount of meat and dairy we produce and eat by at least 50% by 2050.

Whether or not you believe in climate change and/or the planet’s ability to bounce back once the plague that is humanity has ceased to exist, there is so much suffering going on right here, right now. Unnecessarily, and it starts with the hamburger in your very hand.

But there is hope.

Only in recently history have we realised the extent of the damage we are incurring.

And one small change can have an exponential effect – a chain reaction as we each inspire each other and come together as a collective.

This is a critical time. Join the movement, eat less meat (or none at all, not to come across as “crazy”)

Let’s be better for the planet, and for ourselves. Individually we are a drop of water. Together, we’ll make rain.



See their campaign here, sign the pledge to change yourself and the planet through what you put on your plate, and spread the word. You know what to do.

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