The Kitty

There are only 3,200 Tigers remaining in the wild. If awareness and conservation efforts don’t ramp up, Tigers will be extinct within a decade. The world might not be noticing the big cats, but love to watch millions of cat videos, so the cats were put to good use. “The Kitty” was launched – a YouTube channel where you can watch cat videos to save a Tiger. Each time someone views a cat video on the Kitty, a small amount of money raised from advertising goes into a fund for wild Tiger conservation- and it all adds up. When most charities just ask for money, Joy began the conversation by creating value.


In theory, if all of the cat video views on YouTube had raised money for conservation, this would add up to more than $350USD million. Since it’s launch in June 2016, ahead of World Tiger Day, this online campaign has generated critical awareness with over a quarter of a million minutes of cat videos watched on The Kitty and counting, but most importantly, the start of an ongoing revenue stream for wild Tigers.

Video Case: 

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