In an innovative use of London’s telephone boxes, Nike turned the streets of London into a fully interactive game grid. Runners were encouraged to check in at predetermined phone boxes in order to mark their progress as they ran through forty of London’s post-codes. After registering online, runners simply had to dial in their unique code and run from box to box. Each run logged points and players were rewarded extra points for speed, stamina and knowledge of the streets. The more runs you logged in a twenty-four hour period, the more points you scored. As each post-code was essentially a ‘team’, whichever post-code logged the most points won the competition.

Building from the idea of Nike+, this campaign encourages running and gamifies it like never before. The bragging rights available for winners and the badges they could win incentivised running and competition in a unique, authentic way. The social aspects of the campaign were also groundbreaking, enabling users to interact with Nike and work together to try and win. What a great way for your core target audience to collaborate with your brand.

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