Fiat has always been known for producing nippy and efficient cars and they also have the lowest carbon emissions of any car brand in Europe. With Fiat’s move to green, their problem was finding a way to communicate this to young, digitally savvy consumers. Research found that many consumers felt they were being targeted as the root of the problem and in the majority of campaigns; drivers were not given an active role in the process. Thus, Fiat launched eco:Drive.

eco:Drive enabled Fiat owners to use a USB stick to collect data drawn from more than 32 sensors in their cars. This data could then be transferred to the drivers’ personal computers, so they could analyse their driving and access tutorials on how to change driving to achieve fuel savings.

By simplifying a mass of information and making it easy for drivers to understand and change their behaviour, Fiat created something that enables drivers to collaborate with them to make the world a better place, a win for all stakeholders.


Currently there are more than 53,000 drivers using eco:Drive and together, they have saved 3.8 tons of CO2. On top of that, drivers have saved over £3,000,000 worth of fuel. Fiat benefited too – eco:Drive has won 12 industry awards and generated over 7,000 press articles, equivalent to a media spend of €10 million.

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