Growing a World Wonder

The Great Green Wall is an ambitious, African-led initiative to grow an 8,000km line of trees across the entire African continent. It’s being grown in the Sahel, a region on the southern border of the Sahara Desert that is being devastated by climate change. The UN wanted help to raise the profile of the project at the COP21 Climate Change event in Paris in December 2015 – a key opportunity to raise much needed global support for the project. The film tells the story of the project through the eyes of Binta, a local girl who is the same age as the Wall. In that way the COP21 delegates could discover themselves that the Wall was more than just a pipedream – by feeling like they’d visited the place for themselves. See more about the project here.


The film and positioning helped to procure an incredible $4bn billion dollars in investment from various governments and NGOs for the Great Green Wall over the next 5 years. This money will make sure the next phases of the Wall are funded and that the whole project stays on track for completion in 2030. The film itself has earned over 100k views on YouTube without any paid-for promotion.

Video Case:

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