Aland Index

Finland is the most “cash less” country of the world. The ambition was to engage all clients of the bank to save the Baltic Sea from further deterioration and create both funding and understanding to contribute to resolve the situation. As most all consumption in the Nordics is enabled by a credit/debit card transaction the Aland Index was created. The Aland index, connected to the payment database, calculates the CO2 impact of every individual transaction per merchant category made with your credit card. By using the index the database compiles a monthly report, your climate profile, and presents it along with your credit card bill in your mobile phone app or on your Internet Bank. The calculation is based on the cost of carbon, as defined by the World Bank, pricing per kilogram, and converted to the corresponding cost in local currency. This is an automated process that: 1. Converts daily behaviour (transactions) to impact (Co2) 2. Measure impact in weight (kg) 3. Converts weight to cost (€/$) 4. Suggest offset (donations or by lifestyle) corresponding with individual result. Your monthly digital climate report does not only calculate your individual cost (problem) but also presents suggestion of local or global projects to support as well as inspiration on how to live more sustainable to balance your impact (solution).


All clients of The Bank of Aland in both the Finland and Åland business units are being equipped with The Baltic Sea Project Credit Card powered by the Aland Index and monthly environmental report as the only default card for the bank. The Bank of Aland are already in discussion with three banks covering four different countries with an aggregated client base of minimum 12.800.000 to scale up the effort and share the Index.

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