Goodvertising Awards Winner 2020: “Climate Action Vodka”

Since we took note of this campaign, the most frequently asked question has been, “How can drinking Vodka be a form of climate action?” Coming a close second has been the statement, “This sounds like green-washing to me”. But after hearing more about this initiative, the general consensus is, “Well then, I guess I must go out and drink this vodka. You know?! To do my bit for the environment!”


Altia Corp’s Koskenkorva Vodka: Climate Action has been about two years in the making. What is most important to note is that this climate vodka is not a series of claims but an initiative that’s been verified by the Baltic Sea Action Group as being the world’s first vodka made entirely from regenerative barley and a world-first climate action initiative. For those wondering, regenerative farming is a holistically sustainable form of farming that is good for farmers, biodiversity, drawing CO2 from the atmosphere and, of course, producing something to toast about! Wondering what the finer details are that make this initiative worth more hype than what it’s been receiving? Watch the couch conversation with Thomas Kolster (Goodvertising Founder & Awards Jury Chairman), Noora Holmberg (Senior Brand Manager- Altia) and Paul Merisalu (Creative- Bob the Robot):




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