In Post-Lockdown Thailand, Not Sharing Is The New Caring With “Bucket For 1”

Those who’ve been to a famous ‘full moon party’ have probably heard of the “Sharing Bucket”. It’s a common sight at parties in Thailand, where party-goers share a drink with different straws from the same bucket. Groups would sit together and pass the bucket around, sipping and sharing. Sounds fun, right? In this Covid era, it also sounds quite risky.


SangSom, a Thai rum brand, is first to make sure that Thais and visitors can continue enjoying this unique Thai party sharing culture, with consideration and social responsibility. They’ve redesigned the iconic “Sharing Bucket” to be a “Bucket For 1”, to ensure safe partying for all shaping new behaviour under the current climate. The new design is made perfect for individuals and has a special lid design that lets party-goers twist and turn to mark their own initials to prevent mix-up. Giving a whole new meaning to responsible drinking and partying. SangSom “Bucket For 1”, It’s designed for one… but safe for everyone.



Author: Damisa Ongsiriwattana

Images supplied by: Sour Bangkok




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