The Hiring Chain for World Down Syndrome Day 2021

He gave us “desert rose”, “shape of my heart” and most recently the “Englishman in New York”, Sting, performed the soundtrack for “The Hiring Chain” in honour of World Down Syndrome Day 2021. “The Hiring Chain” is all about beginning a new cycle of good in your community in a very practical and simple way. By hiring someone with down syndrome.

What we like about this campaign is that they haven’t stopped at carrying a good message. Correction: a powerful message. They’ve amplified the impact of their campaign by filling in a most crucial blank. By answering “how?”. The campaign has offered the next step in the process of hiring candidates with down syndrome by offering to connect interested employers with an organisation in their country that can give them leads to hiring a compatible individual. So far “The Hiring Chain” is able to link prospectives in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, UK & the USA. Whilst offering other nationalities the opportunity to indicate their interest via an online form. Meaningful, simple and powerful. Give them a visit and be the change!




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