Billboard creates water out of air

The University of Engineering and Technology, needed a solution to get students interested in applying for an engineering programme. The university believes the world can be changed through engineering, so they decided to start by changing tier city. Lima is the world’s second largest desert capital, so many people suffer due to the lack of potable water. They decided to find a real solution to the problem and it was just in front of them. In the mountains the air has a high humidity, and so it was used to make a real difference. UTEC and the agency designed and built a special billboard: the world’s first billboard that creates drinkable water out of the air.


UTEC applications increased considerably; +38% from the previous year. In addition, the billboard is helping hundreds of families that didn’t have access to pure drinking water. We produced more than 9450 liters of potable water in 3 months.

Video case: 



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