Better World

Nike Betterworld is Nike’s umbrella term for all of their projects for good. This includes a TV commercial made solely from recycled Nike ads, soccer jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles and Nike’s GreenXchange program – which aims to share sustainable business ideas and patents across companies.

Of the big three sports brands, it really does seem that Nike is leading the way in terms of doing good and trailblazing the way for sports brands to provide performance on the field and in the environment as well. From shoes designed for Native American feet to refurbishing basketball courts in New York City, Nike has taken the position of being a brand that not only cares for your physical body, but all aspects of your life as well.

If a sports brand can show its commitment and expand its scope to transcend running faster, being stronger and beating the opposition then there is hope that brands really can do something to change the world for the better. What Nike also manages to do with all these initiatives is throw down the gauntlet to the other sports brands out there – are they up to the challenge?

Video Case – Nike Better World Campaign by Wieden+Kennedy

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