Rak’n’Roll Records

“Rak” is the polish word for “cancer”. Rak’n’Roll is a polish charity organization. Since 2009 they have been helping women to recover after trauma of mastectomy – a surgical removal of one breast. The campaign is based on a simple insight: Life without one breast is a life in mono. Rak’n’Roll is there to help women to get their life back in stereo. During the European Breast Health Day Rak’n’Roll Records was launched – a charity record label, that offers free music in mono and sells it in stereo. All profits help women to recover after mastectomy and cancer treatment. People can experience musical mastectomy on radio, TV and online and then recover their favourite tracks to stereo, by purchasing them in an online store for 1 Euro per song.


In first three months, with over a hundred bands on board, Rak’n’Roll went from a charity brand to the biggest independent label in Poland, providing help for cancer survivors nation wide.

Video case:

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