World’s First 100% Recycled Newspaper

In order to educate India’s growing youth population about environmental issues, Garnier launched the World’s First 100% Recycled Newspaper campaign in partnership with The Times of India. This campaign encouraged Indian youth to submit green and sustainable ideas on a dedicated website. For every idea submitted, Garnier would buy 10 kg of used paper. This paper was then used to produce a special edition of the Times of India made entirely from recycled paper, which was released on World Environment Day 2010.


By engaging the youth and encouraging them to collaborate with Garnier and the Times of India, Garnier allowed the youth to feel like they were taking charge; that they were part of the solution. At the same time as environmental awareness was increased amongst the target audience (4.1 million youths participated in the campaign), awareness of Garnier increased by 80%. This idea has now been taken on by Garnier in other countries, as a way to increase green awareness and encourage collaboration from their target audiences. Most importantly, over 5000 ideas were submitted, resulting in 50 tons of paper being recycled – the equivalent of 1200 trees.

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