Where Will 100.000 Condoms End Up This Summer

LAFA (the Stockholm Aids Prevention Program) wanted to raise awareness about the increasing AIDS statistics in Stockholm, change the associations people had with condoms and prevent disease. Rather than focus on the negative aspects – if you don’t wear a condom you could have an unwanted child, contract an STD and die; they concentrated on the positive aspects. For once – an ad campaign that admitted that sex was fun in a way that was not sleazy, sexist or sordid!

100.000 free condoms were given away – each one numbered individually. People were encouraged to share their stories of how the condoms were used online in order to increase this feeling that sex can be something enjoyable. This repositions condoms and made them something enjoyable and exciting rather than an embarrassing break in the sexual experience.


The results were overwhelming. The blog that chronicled the stories of the condoms was visited by over 110.000 people from Stockholm (220% more than the campaign goal). The campaign made 37% of the target audience more positive towards condoms and by July 2009, reported Chlamydia cases were down 13% from the previous year’s statistics.

Video Case:

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