WWF creates a livestream that no one will ever finish

The objective of the livestream, that will last 450 years, is to raise awareness to the growing problem of plastic pollution, and to raise 400.000 signatures for a petition that will be presented to key global leaders at the United Nations meeting on the environment.

The launch of the livestream worked has a hook to get the media attention for that petition. At the time of writing, the petition had already more than 480.000 signatures.

“Users have a natural interest in live streaming. One proof of this is the growth of sites like Twitch, which every day gets more subscribers. For this reason, we saw in this tool a possibility to show everyone how slow is the process of decomposing the plastic, in an attempt to sensitize them, to gather more people around the cause.” Nuno Cardoso, creative director at NOSSA, says.

Agency: NOSSA
Client: WWF
Client Executive Director: Angela Morgado
Client Marketing Director: Ana Gama, Marta Barata, Rita RodriguesCreative Partner: Nuno Presa Cardoso
Managing Partner: Duarte Durão
Digital Partner: Vasco Teixeira-Pinto
Creative Director: Nuno Presa Cardoso, Rafael Clark PfaltzgraffCreative Supervisor: André Alves Afonso
Art Director: Sávio Hatherly, Rafael Clark Pfaltzgraff
Copywriter: Marcus Seixas
Artwork: Estela Pereira
Producer: Inês Cardoso Menezes

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