The Unusual Football Field

Where we come from and the spaces in which we grow up have enormous impact on who we turn out to be. If we don’t have space to feel safe and live out our dreams and creativity, we might not end up the way we always wanted to.

All around the world, in less developed neighborhoods there is no space for children to grow up and become adults. In the slums there are only bricks, mud, dirt and desperation, a tough cocktail for teenagers struggling to find their places in the world.

“We are all born the same. What makes us different is how, we live.” 

But space is relative! It all depends on the eye of the beholder. And so, where one might say there would never be space enough for football fields and energetic teenagers, AP Thailand saw potential.  Being a property development company, Ap Thailand set out to change the lives of thousands of children in the slums of Bangkok by simply using the hidden, asymmetric spaces in a new unusual way.

With football as a favorite sport in Thailand, it was natural to make football fields for the children, but when you can’t just remove families and houses to make room for large rectangular football fields, then what do you do? Some call it “thinking out of the box”, others creativity, but AP Thailand chose to bend the rules of football and build the Unusual Football Field.

Video case: 

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