The Refugee Nation

How would you feel if you had nowhere you belonged, no place to call home? Without a nation to belong to and a flag to call your own, what can you the call yourself?

Today millions of refugees all over the world are rootless, forced away from everything they loved and stripped of any feelings of safety. In the world’s biggest display of nationalism, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Amnesty International raised a flag for the millions of people who were forced to leave their own countries. By creating the first ever refugee team of olympic athletes and an entirely new nation, Amnesty International lit a candle of hope and respect for refugees all around the world.

“For the first time ever, a refugee team competed in the Olympics. These 10 athletes had no national team, no flag and no anthem to call their own—until now. By partnering with refugees across the globe, we created a life vest-inspired flag, an anthem, and a symbolic nation to represent the athletes and 65 million displaced people worldwide.”

Video case:

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