No Limits

Do clothes have age limits? Or are we able to wear whatever we want?

According to a new study by Philip Warkander (Sweden’s first academic doctor in fashion studies) there are certain age limits connected to different styles of clothes. For instance, it isn’t suited for people over the age of 33 to wear torn jeans, and if you’re over 26 don’t even think about wearing a cropped top!

This powerful campaign for Åhléns by Forsman & Bodenfors is an attempt to create attention about these age limits. In the fight for freedom of style, Åhléns wants to inspire people to abolish these age limits and trigger a more free and non-limiting relationship to fashion and age. Just like the fashion rebels and style icons Sarah-Jane Adams, Michelle Elie, Angelo Gallamini and Angela Molina, who all refuse to obey and instead insist on dressing just the way they want.

Dress my age… What has my age got to do with it? I think that’s bullshit, that’s nonsense! The reality is that I’ve lived a very full life. I travel the world constantly, so why the fuck should I care what other people think? I’m not interested in opinions on what I’m wearing! Go and annoy somebody else!   Sarah-Jane Adams, 61, Jewelry Designer

A selection of results regarding perceived age limits:

  • Colourful sneakers: 43 years
  • Hooded sweater: 41 years
  • Torn jeans: 33 years
  • Short skirt: 44 years
  • Sweater with large print: 39 years
  • Cropped top: 26 years
  • Baseball cap: 39 years

If you’ve bought something that’s fantastic, that you love, that’s flattering, that’s quality, why should you only wear it until you’re a certain age? You should wear it forever! If I really listen to what people say, I wouldn’t get dressed at all.   Angela Molina, 61, Actress

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