Creativity can make a change on many levels

Last year D&AD Impact awarded Greenpeace’s campaign Rang-tan. It was after picked up by Iceland for their Christmas ad and caused a social media storm, which helped the campaign deliver on a massive scale and speed.

The colaboration led to 1.2 million people signed Greenpeace’s palm oil petition, businesses committed to taking the issue more seriously and it raised awareness among the general public about palm oil’s devastating consequences. Icland dropped many products that contained palm oil which saves the forests and your health.

Schools also joined by asking for teaching materials on the subject, other stores created a palm oil-free aisles, others also removed the product from their brand.

If you haven’t already fallen in love with the young orangutang Rang have a look at the video which reminds us to think about what we buy and is a good reminder that all our actions have consequences:

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