The Coming OutDoor

FCB Lisbon and ILGA empowered people to express their sexuality

FCB Lisbon created The Coming OutDoor campaign for the ILGA, an association that works in defense of LGBTI+ people, fighting discrimination and promoting equality across Europe. The campaign launched at the end of 2019  and it explores the complicated issues around ‘coming out’.

“We come out of the closet, not because we went inside but because one was built around us.” 

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) and FCB Lisbon placed a billboard in the centre of Lisbon, which had a built-in closet from which all were invited to physically come out. More than a billboard, The Coming OutDoor acts as a public space of empowerment where anyone may express pride in their own and respect for others’ sexuality.

Edson Athayde, CEO at FCB Lisbon said; “From the seemingly simple request of making an outdoor billboard, we created a happening capable of mobilising the city. It no longer was a billboard but an instrument that could be used to take a stand on the issue of gender and sexuality. This initiative has led to a mini documentary. But it continues to generate new things. Good stories are those that take their time to finish.”

Ana Aresta, President of The ILGA Portugal has expressed her pleasure at the outcome which she describes as; “a campaign that reinforces the importance of resisting the fear, the invisibility and the silence of LGBTI+ people”

Although Portugal has some of the most progressive laws in place to protect LGBTI+ people, there is still plenty of work to be done and this makes us proud!

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