Gold is out, 5000-year old rescued wood is in – as luxury is being redefined

Gold used to be the hallmark of luxury like a Trump apartment on steroids, but this is quickly giving away to an embrace of new materials and new designs. Think of that scene we’ve watched a million times in commercials from an ambassador’s reception with meticulously clad waiters carrying silver plates showcasing gold-wrapped Ferrero Roche chocolate balls as if it was precious pearls. That seems like days long bygone. Instead the new luxury is hand-crafted vegan chocolate balls with wholesome, locally foraged ingredients – sometimes not even wrapped but served in a bio-degradable paper napkin at some farmers market. The other day a story caught my eyes. The luxury car marker Bentley has launched a limited edition series with only 12 cars: The Bacalar is a Barchetta, a type of open car with no roof whatsoever. (The word means “little boat” in Italian.)

The wooden trim interior of the Bentley Bacalar

Instead of what we usually see in cars like rare woods such as mahogany they instead opted to create the interior with wood from trees that fell over 5000 years ago and got its naturally black colour by aging for millenia in rivers, lakes and bogs. That’s taking rarity, exclusivity and luxury to a whole new level! Prince Albert of Monaco’s Foundation has also pushed for fighting rare woods in the superyachts that’s docked in the city’s harbor as Fiat Punta’s on a Target parking lot. 

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