Coughing Billboards

If you don’t smoke you might relate to the feeling of getting extremely annoyed by the provocative act of someone lighting a cigaret right in front of you on the sidewalk or the bike lane? As a dedicated non-smoker it can almost ruin my day when this happens, and I somehow picture my lungs getting more and more black for every time.

In Stockholm the Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat took a new and creative approach to encourage smokers to quit their smelly, unhealthy habit – Coughing Billboards! Using smoke detectors they created billboards that were activated every time a smoker walked by, and the man in the picture would start couching, clearly bothered by the smoke. The coughing was then followed by a display of products that could help people to stop smoking and live up to their new years resolutions.

“The purpose was to drive the conversation about this topic, documenting the reactions, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. The reaction has been mostly really positive.” Fredrik Kullberg, marketing director at Apotek Hjärtat.

Video Case:

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