At the SuperBowl of Pop Culture, the Academy Awards in 2017, Cadillac released a commercial celebrating unity in a time where anger and aggression dominates the political climate and the daily news. Entitled “Carry”, this commercial is focusing on hope and humanity, and aims to bring people together rather than dividing us. It talks about how we carry each other forward, and how Cadillac has carried a century of humanity, lovers, fighters & leaders. As part of Cadillac’s ongoing “Dare Greatly” campaign, this spot shows that:

“While we’re not the same, we can be one, and all it takes is the willingness to dare.”

“The ad is neither a political or social statement. It is simply a celebration of the incredible American spirit, and of a country that when united, inspires, enables and achieves. As a brand that has served as the embodiment of this, the American Dream, Cadillac hopes to remind the country how great we can be if we carry each other forward.” Melody Lee, Director of Brand Marketing

Video Case: 

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