A Christmas Tree with Compassion

A sign that symbolises one of the most popular parts of Christmas, the red cross at the base of these Christmas trees will touch most of our souls, remembering time spent decorating with whatever wacky decorations are at hand.

But this X marks the support not only of the tree itself, but also a family in need. All via the purchase of something people themselves need.

A twist on the typical Christmas donation strategy, it’s an approach other charities could be well suited to try: making useful products like the Depaul box that plays on people’s association of cardboard boxes with homeless people, while providing them with the proceeds of the moving boxes they sell.

The Red Cross’ Christmas help has increased by over 525% over the last 6 years – now reaching an expected 11,000 families this year. Each family will receive a pre-packed Christmas basket or a gift card of DKK 800 for Co-op supermarket, whose collaboration has been key.

As is connection: the cross provides a lasting reminder people will carry home with them, a purchase with purpose: providing for others, while serving ourselves. One of the better ways to get into the festive frenzy of gift giving this season!

Get your tree from these locations in Copenhagen:

1. Kongelundsgården i Dragør, Kongelundsvej 609, 2791 Dragør
2. Min fars juletræer i Ørestad, Kay Fiskers Pl. 8, 2300 Kbh. S
3. Frederiksborgvej 507, 4000 Roskilde
4. Magasin, Kbh. K.
5. Landevejen 2, 4684 Holmegaard

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