Black Boy Wanting Water

When Studio Brussels, one of Belgium’s biggest radio stations, wanted to raise awareness for their yearly charity drive, “Music for Life,” they enlisted the help of a young black boy. Armed with the information that every 15 seconds a child dies from a disease contracted from a lack of drinkable water, they decided to use the glasses of water we see on live television. On Flanders’ most watched TV station, the black boy ran into shot on live television, thirstily gulped down the water in the presenter’s glass, then ran off again. None of the presenters were made aware beforehand that they were to be interrupted.

This idea soon became contagious, spreading across the population as people asked,  “Have you seen the thirsty black boy on television?” The idea was then splashed all over the Internet by curious people; being featured on YouTube, blogs and marketing websites. Once excitement and curiosity had reached a fever pitch, all that was left was to let people know the cause the boy was representing – Music for Life.


In the end, this creative idea proved incredibly effective, in just six days – 3.3 million Euros were donated to help provide people with drinkable water; proving that ideas don’t need to cost a lot to garner a great return.

Video Case:

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