Sustainable consumption can reverse climate change

Doconomy is a new challenger in mobile banking. It is also a philosophy of how consumers can be a substantial positive change for our climate and make a positive impact in everyday life. Say what again?


Doconomy is the company behind the DO-app; a mobile banking service, where it’s easy to track the impact of your consumption and compensate for it. The compensation is made either through UN certified projects or savings in sustainable funds. The aim is to target overconsumption and promote compensation to minimise climate impact and maximise positive change.


”We can’t continue consuming the earth’s resources as we do today. We want to transit from an economy that has turned a blind eye towards its impact on the climate towards what we call a Doconomy which instead put it at its center. It’s time to act and something everyone can do is to review their own consumption and how their money can make a positive change” says Nathalie Green, CEO at Doconomy.


So how does it work? Through DO, a credit card will be offered that helps you track your climate impact. The DO card records each transaction’s carbon footprint in both currency and in kilos. With DO, consumers can link their regular bank account to a climate-compensated account and with ease save in sustainable funds that tracks both financial results as well as progress. With DO, the consumer automatically sees how their choices in everyday life affect the climate while they are given the opportunity to contribute to positive change through changed behaviour, investments and climate compensation.


DO’s conviction is that climate-smart choices shouldn’t be costlier and that all funds should have low fees and be based on high environmental considerations. We can’t really disagree there! Technical development is in full swing and the app is planned to launch early next year. But users can already now sign up at for free.


”After the recent years noticeable climate change, many people want to make a difference, but do not really know how. DO gives everyone access to smart services directly in their mobile phone, making it easier to live more climate smart. DO engages and encourages new behaviour” says Helena Mueller, Chairwoman of the Board at Doconomy.


Doconomy want to act in the same way as they try to encourage other to. The company does its utmost to be as sustainable as possible and compensate for the emissions that isn’t managed to be minimised annually. Every aspect of the business is thought through and addressed. For example, DO’s credit card is a climate-friendly card that is bio-sourced, printed with Air Ink recycled air pollution and where each card transaction is linked to the Swedish Åland Index, the Bank of Åland’s renowned calculation model for carbon footprints.


Doconomy also introduces DO credits, the world’s first climate reimbursement which encourages increased sustainability. The refund comes from partnered stores and is used by the customer for climate compensation instead of increased consumption. DO credits create a new relationship between brands and consumers based on shared responsibility and sustainable choices – even before launch, several brands have chosen to join the platform.

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