Shots Fired: Gunn Report reveals goodvertising treasures

Calling the shots on creativity, The Gunn Report’s global index for creative excellence in advertising recently revealed their selection from the past year, featuring more than a few great goodvertising causes.



Trying a more humorous take on the adopt a dog idea, Pedigree suggest a rescued pet to replace the child you lose when they fly the nest – a familiar event for many, including myself – with “Bel” being replaced by “Bonny” the lovely and rather more obedient black labrador when I graduated.



Next up is Nike with their edgy, colourful compilation that (tries to) fly the flag for diversity and determination. The ad, showing various Londoners, specifically sportsmen, as they compare and compete with their daily struggles in the city they love and endure, [edit: has actually since been removed over controversy surround its lack or representation for (most other) minorities]



You know those frustrating mind tricks that force you focus on something, blinding you to everything else? This ad’s no different, except that this time lives could be on the line.

Using an emotional and relatable storyline involving the connection of two teenagers, Sandy Hook Promise highlight the sorry state the world is in, stating that 80% of school shooters and 70% of individuals who completed suicides told someone of their violent plans prior to taking action, yet no interventions were made.

Would you pick up the clues?

See if you can spot the ones Sandy Hook Promise and BBDO New York have planted.



I’m speechless. There are no words to quite sum up this incredible talent, cleverly compiled into a heart wrenching tale that tells kids, disabled, able bodied or otherwise, not to listen to the naysayers and do what is said to be impossible.



Louise Delage is an Instagram star who soared to stardom within months on the social networking site. But all is not all it seems. This campaign raises awareness of how easily we can overlook signs of addiction, and how an unhealthy reliance on alcohol can be a sign of something deeper..



Knock knock, who’s there. BBDO. Oh. Not such a big surprise, taking the top trophy for the 11th year in a row, but an impactful ad indeed. Fictional character Graham was created in conjunction with the Transport Accident Commission to raise awareness of what’s needed to withstand a car accident.

Altogether some great causes and creativity! Ones that will surely bring about true behavioural change, no matter how subtle, and hopefully more inspiring ideas this year.

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