How Old is Old Enough?

If you have kids, you probably already hate the thought of them growing up, leaving home and getting married. And as the parent to a daughter you might be even more protective and dreading the day she won’t be your little girl anymore. But what if this day came when your sweet little daughter was still just a child?

Imagine your 13-year-old daughter standing outside your door with a much older man who suddenly asks if he can marry her – your sweet little innocent daughter! How would you react? Would you be astonished, confused or react with straight up disbelief? You would probably say NO and try to protect your daughter, because marriage is, of course, not for children!

But unfortunately this isn’t the case in all countries of the world. In West Africa for instance there are still way too many children that are cheated of their childhood and married off to much older men.

In order to raise awareness about child marriages in Mali, BØRNEfonden put danish fathers in a tough situation that no one should experience. In front of hidden cameras a 30 year old actor asked permission to marry their 13 year old daughters.

Children should get to be children, don’t you think?

BØRNEfonden is one of Denmark’s largest development organisations funded by private sponsorships and partnerships. They support nearly 60,000 children, their families and communities creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cape Verde.

Video Case: 

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