Depaul Box Company

In a crowded charity marketplace it is difficult to raise funds by asking for donations, so how do you create a sustainable income for a charity without asking people for money?

By literally thinking out of the box and creating a product that helps raise awareness for the cause while being of real tangible use to people, Depaul UK changed the charity game with Depaul Box Company.

“Everyone associates the homeless with sleeping on boxes, so why not sell boxes to help the homeless?” Depaul UK

Depaul Box Company sells cardboard boxes for storage and moving – so when you move your stuff to a new home you also help a young person move off the street.

“There is a real, visceral and often distressing association between cardboard boxes and those sleeping rough. The launch of The Depaul Box Company flips that association to a positive one. No one should have to make a cardboard box their home. Buying our cardboard boxes will ensure nobody has to.” Martin Houghton-Brown, the chief executive of Depaul UK


For the first time ever, the humble cardboard box have become a life saver, and the profits for every box sold goes straight to helping a young homeless person off the street. The first batch of 6000 boxes were sold in just a few weeks, and Depaul Box Company instantly became a success.

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