It’s not happening here, but it is happening now

In this ambitious poster campaign in Switzerland, 200 posters painstakingly re-created their background so that the poster seemed not to be there at all. Superimposed onto each poster was an image that depicted the global issues with which Amnesty International is currently dealing – including torture, human rights abuses, unfair detention and child soldiers. By making these issues real to people and contextualizing them in the viewer’s immediate surroundings, Amnesty International found a very powerful means of furthering their cause. It is easy for people to identify with the issues when they are in their local setting. This insight means that these problems were no longer on the other side of the world and easy to ignore – they were on people’s doorstep.


As a result of these posters, Amnesty International saw a twentyfold increase in visits to their website, proving that great ideas will always encourage action.

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