Goodvertising Workshops: Make Your Work & Voice Matter

Our popular Goodvertising format carried across 40+ markets from brands like P&G and Adidas to agencies like Anomaly continues. It’s the ideal way to bring your brand or agency up-to-speed with Goodvertising and the fast moving purpose movement and through practical exercises learn how to create work that makes a difference for people & planet as well as brand & bottom line!

“Your ideas and insights have brought us a different point view of our 30-year journey to create brands that help consumers make more sustainable choices” – Tankut Tumaoglu, Chairmen P&G Istanbul

“An inspiring presentation! Thomas Kolster showed us that, by using advertising well, we could build a better and more sustainable society” – Philippe Paget, CEO Epica Awards

“In my job I have heard them all. Thomas speaks brilliantly about his topic. He is well prepared, delivers to perfection and is charming and engaging. His ability to connect with his audience is exceptional. If you ever get the chance to hear Thomas do!” – Jan Morten Drange, CEO, The Norwegian Advertising Association

“The Talk was very helpful and exciting for all of the audiences from student, mega creatives and brand clients, they believe by applying his philosophy about sustainability and good advertising; it would definitely help in their business greatly…” – Enas Rashwan, School President, Cairo Advertising School

Advertising is being fundamentally challenged. Forward-thinking brands are turning away from empty sales pitches and snappy jokes to conversations about what matters to people and planet: from water scarcity to unemployment and online privacy. In a radical transparent world there’s no room for self-serving brands. Through global examples and hands-on exercises Thomas will show how brands can turn challenges into success stories where profit goes hand in hand with people and planet, which he dubs: Goodvertising.

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