Snowmen Against Global Warming

Entega is Germany’s second largest supplier of green energy, but unfortunately not very well known. Their challenge was to achieve nationwide awareness of the Entega brand and their attitude, on a small budget that did not allow the use of traditional media.

And so they did the unexpected –  encouraging the public to come and build snowmen as an awareness drive for global warming. As a symbol for the problem of global warming, you would be hard-pressed to find something better. People responded very well to the call – 20 000 people arrived to build snowmen and collaborate with Entega for a good cause. At the same time they could learn about Entega and global warming.


The event was so well received that the German government allowed the snowmen to stay up for the entire winter. They had originally only agreed for the snowmen to be there for three days. As a result of this, the event was featured all over the German media and Entega’s website unique visitor stats increased by 300%. This case is so remarkable because it ticks so many boxes. People donated their own time to a cause, which raised awareness for others not only about the cause itself, but about a brand that has at its core the need to fight for that cause.

Video case:

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