#CoffeeAndGoodvertising with Robin Lewis

At Sustainable Brands ’17 in Tokyo Thomas Kolster met up with Robin Lewis from Peace Boat. Peace Boat is a social business that combines the four pillars of Education, Business, Advocacy and Travel. Their global voyages offer a unique programme of activities centered on experiential learning and intercultural communication. The income generated is channelled into …

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Hero’s Journey

This hilarious Super Bowl campaign is proof that car commercials actually can be fun! Obviously taking inspiration in the successful Rainforest Alliance campaign “Follow The Frog” from 2012, Kia Niro shows Melissa McCarthy as an environmental ‘trying-hard-to-be’ hero called on environment-saving tasks like saving the whales, saving the trees, and saving the glaciers. In each event, she comically fails by getting …

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Men don’t talk about testicular cancer, but their testicles do. Just because you are dealing with serious issues, you shouldn’t necessarily refrain from using humor. In fact, a little laugh or smile might actually get you the attention you need. Moreover, a positive angle may serve as a cheerful reminder or a reassuring pat on …

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