#CoffeeAndGoodvertising with Robin Lewis

At Sustainable Brands ’17 in Tokyo Thomas Kolster met up with Robin Lewis from Peace Boat.

Peace Boat is a social business that combines the four pillars of Education, Business, Advocacy and Travel. Their global voyages offer a unique programme of activities centered on experiential learning and intercultural communication. The income generated is channelled into future voyages as well as all of the NGO’s activities to promote peace, human rights and respect for the environment. Peace Boat began sailing in 1983, and today sails for 80-100 day global voyages three times every year, carrying approximately 1000 passengers per voyage.

In this edition of CoffeeAndGoodvertising the talk falls on Peace Boat’s Ecoship Project, a transformational programme to construct the planet’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship.

Follow the project on twitter: @EcoshipProject

Check it out and learn more about how Peace Boat is sailing for change in 2020:


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