A newly launched, conscious advertising network strives to stop advertising abuse

What on earth is CAN and why should I care? CAN is a voluntary coalition, which strives to ensure that ethics catch up with the technology of modern advertising. CAN has already gathered over 30 organisations including brands like BodyShop, industry giants like Accenture Interactive, and full service agencies such as Gyro.

CAN attempts to show off how the advertising industry, from brands and agencies to ad-tech, is perfectly placed to consciously change both their operations and the content they produce in pursuit of making communications that are better for all. Because the thing is – advertising basically funds the internet. Approximately $222bn is spent on digital advertising worldwide per year, so it is necessary to promote the idea that brands are free to decide not to fund online content that divides people, spreads hatred or fake news.

Following this, CAN created 6 manifestos to learn how one can make a difference within areas such as Anti Ad-fraud, Diversity, Informed Consent, Hate Speech, Children’s Wellbeing, and Fake News.

Harriet encourages us all to show our support by visiting https://www.consciousadnetwork.com/ and signing up to be a founding member. Let’s help end advertising’s role in inadvertently funding hate speech, fake news, child exploitation and fraud!

The platform is launching in January, 2019.

Photo credit to ISBA.

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