Sustainability 2019 and beyond. Biomimicry, less meat and more windpower…

Biomimicry, blockchain technology, neurodiversity, less meat and more windpower. This is the future of sustainability…or is it? Is it more, less – or something else entirely?

We’ll explore this and so much more at the Sustainable Brands Nordic event in Copenhagen on 24 January where iconic industry giants like Carlsberg, ISS and Interface will join groundbreaking grassroots like Doconomy, Goodwings and Tony’s Chocolonely to discuss the state of sustainability in 2019. All for the purpose of inspiring and challenging the rest of us to not just talk about sustainability but actually do something about it. How’s that for a new year’s resolution? Less talk, more action!

We’ve only got a few tickets left – read the full programme and speaker lineup and get your ticket here:

The event is organised in collaboration with Sustainable Brands Paris, the most comprehensive conference on sustainability in Europe in 2019. 

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