The Goodvertising Awards 2020

Another year has passed and the competition for the Goodvertising Awards was definitely stiff. The Goodvertising Awards are not awards that can be entered. They are selected from thousands of campaigns to have been produced in 2020. For Goodvertising, agency name, sizeable budgets, nationality and prestige are of no consequence. These awards are about recognising the greatest work that has served as a force for good. Be it environmental, social or any other do-good initiative. Admittedly, a Goodvertising Award is a very challenging award to win as only 10 campaigns make it to the Goodvertising top list.

These are the greatest pieces of work, globally, because of their impact, potential and creativity! The awards are a lighthouse meant to inspire even greater work in the following year. Founder and Jury Chairman, Thomas Kolster, shares:

“We are proud of this year’s winners and their exceptional work. I miss seeing more work tackling the climate emergency. Maybe it’s about time award shows around the world create a climate impact award? Or what about coming up with solutions to serve over 700 million people living in poverty? We were also surprised to have not seen more great work tackling the COVID19 health emergency, as educating people on the safety measures could literally be a matter of life and death. It would be wonderful to see more cases of creativity being used for good and to tackle pressing global issues.”


We, at Goodvertising, want to congratulate all the winners this year. Your work is truly world-changing. Keep up the good work, and keep showing us all that’s possible!


This year’s winners are (in random order):

  1. “Order from McDonald’s” by Buzzman for Burger King.
  2. “The 2030 Calculator” by Doconomy for The Farm.
  3. “Go Back to Africa” by FCB/Six for Black and Abroad.
  4. “Loop” by Terracycle for Terracycle (Watch in-depth explanation here)
  5. “The Tampon Book” by Scholtz & Friends Berlin for The Female Company.
  6. “Pay it Forward” by FCB Inferno London for The Big Issue.
  7. “Mouldy Whopper” by INGO for Burger King.
  8. The Microneedle Food Sensor by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  9. “Climate Action Vodka” by Bob the Robot for Koskenkorva Vodka.
  10. “A Hard Pill to Swallow” by Akestam Holst for Apotek Hjartat.


See more about each campaign in future posts. Watch the playlist of winning campaigns here.




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