We Are All Workers

In this campaign from Levi’s, we see Levi’s returning to their original market offering – rough and ready work wear for the common man. Confronted with the battles of blue-collar America, Levi’s decided to take on a battling steel town and turn it around with the help of the locals. Welcome to Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Levi’s has not only invested in the town to help it revive itself, but has also used people who live there as models for their new work wear range. In the constant quest for credibility that many brands find themselves on, Levi’s has found an unassailable position. Not only are they using real people, they are reminding everyone where they came from.

The practice of going back into a brand’s history to find a truthful story is a powerful way to create great advertising that not only does not lie to consumers, but can also do good. The stories we see played out across this campaign are honest, personal accounts of life in the ‘rust belt’ – the industrialised states of America that are now battling with poverty and a lack of work. What better way could there be to show your commitment to the working man than Levi’s position?

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