Pedigree Adoption Drive

After learning that a stray dog is put down every hour in Australia because they aren’t adopted, Pedigree decided to do something about it. They realised that the issue wasn’t that people weren’t interested, it was that when a dog’s story was told personally, it became much more powerful.

In order to tell these stories, thousands of life-size yellow cut out dogs were produced and ‘let loose’ in Melbourne, so people could interact with their stories on a personal level. Even many of these plastic dogs were ‘adopted’ and taken home. The results for real dogs were tremendous.


Directly after the campaign, the number of dogs in shelter homes was the lowest in history and in just two months, 3 365 dogs were adopted and given a second chance at life. Some dog shelters even ran out of dogs, having to put people on waiting lists. Building on Pedigree’s ‘We’re for dogs’ brand promise, this campaign not only shows explicitly how much Pedigree is committed to the cause of dogs, but it saves the lives of dogs at the same time, with real tangible results.

Video Case:


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