Teddy Gun

What if teddy bears had the same safety regulations as guns?

Everybody knows that teddy bears aren’t as dangerous as guns. But what might not be as wellknown is that these cute and fussy toys go through much more than firearms before they hit the stores. Teddy bears have to satisfy a wide range of safety standards before children can touch them. Guns on the other hand only has to meet few regulations.

The Teddy Gun is a symbol that represents the double standards in legislation today. If it’s main purpose was to be a gun it wouldn’t be tested as much as if it was a toy, but if it was supposed to be a warm and fussy thing for children to play with, it would be made damn sure that it would never get to fire bullets or hurt as much as a fly.

“The Teddy Gun is a profound yet tragically ironic symbol of the absence of government regulations of one of the most dangerous consumer products. Our goal with Teddy Gun is to raise awareness and encourage elected officials to support measures that can and will save lives.” Colleen Daley, Council Executive Director

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