School for Justice

In India prostitutes are now becoming prosecutors as part of a new campaign against under aged sex trafficking.

While around 1.2 million children in India are exploited as prostitutes, tortured and forced to have sex with up to 20 men each day, less than 50 cases a year lead to convictions. Believing that education will help solve this massive problem, JWT Amsterdam and Free a Girl Movement set out to educate victims of child prostitution to change the system. The School for Justice is a five-year law education collaborating with one of the best law universities in India.

“The school for justice is a law school that will educate victims of child prostitution to become the most motivated lawyers and prosecutors India has to offer, so they can bring the people responsible for these crimes to justice”


This campaign is doing more than raising awareness about child prostitution in India. 19 young women already began their studies and next years class is being tutored and prepared for a life as law students. Hopefully these strong women will one day become prosecutors or even judges, empowered and motivated to fight the criminals who once exploited and abused them.

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