The renewable revolution

It’s not often we get to see behind the scenes of the US President’s day to day activities.

Not often we need to, what with his… transparency on Twitter. But here you have it, a Daily-Mail style look-in at Trump’s latest shenanigans, shot by British artist Alison Jackson. We can’t quite work out if he’s lost the golf course, or it in general.



OVO Energy is an infant energy company that has quickly grown to become one of the UK’s biggest independent suppliers. With catchlines like “It’s Time to Power Your Life Differently”, “join us today for power you can feel proud of” and “positive energy since 2009”, the company seek to satiate the increasing demand for ethical/ environmentally friendly alternatives while keeping costs low.

Bridging the balance between price and planet, from its basic plan (15%, the UK’s aim by 2030) all the way up to 100% renewables, they’ve more hysterical youtube videos introducing some of their customers benefitting from the cost savings. In an effort to build their community, their partnerships with local councils help to hand over control to the customers themselves, along with an increasingly decentralised energy system.

With its dramatic, almost Dalí-esque dystopia and subtle hint of morality nestled humbly in the humour, the campaign conveys the excitement and even the upside to the seeming resurgence of climate change denial: everyone coming together as a collective to demand better.



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