Renault billboard reacts to air pollution

The digital “DisCO2unt Billboard” is a campaign concept created by Publicis Romania, was performed in Bucharest, which, according to the TomTom Traffic Index, is the second most polluted capital in Europe and the most congested city on the European continent. According to the agency, the campaign, that ran in April, targeted the many Romanians who can’t or don’t want to buy an electric car due to the prices.

The ”DisCO2unt” billboard was connected to pollution sensors placed in high-traffic areas in the city, and a custom-made algorithm was created to reduce the price of the car to correspond to levels of pollution at any time of the day. So, the higher the level, the more the price is reduced. The prices changed every six minutes and anyone could get the discounted price immediately by using their smartphones and then go straight to the dealership.

Even though it’s a campaign that is ultimately a promotion the team do also have a longer strategy in mind. Given that the market for electric cars is still very much in its early stage in Romania, they want to get the Renault brand in that space early. “We’re playing the long game: building awareness, addressing barriers (like price; most drivers consider electric cars expensive, without knowing how much they even cost) and, when time comes for mass adoption of electric vehicles in Romania, Renault will be on drivers’ shopping lists,” Gabriel Gherca, Creative Director at Publicis Romania, said. 

This way, Renault made its effort to an easier and healthier life in the city – at the right place and the right time.  

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