Pranking bad guys, saving lives

With the world of 3D printing becoming more and more accessible and affordable so does the threat of this innovative technology being put to harmful use – and, worryingly, that’s already happening with blueprints for weapons readily available for download by anyone online.

Enter Dagoma, A french company specialising in 3D print. They worked with TBWA Paris, scouring the web for 3D weapon blueprints and took it upon themselves to amend the blueprints to make sure the weapons wouldn’t work when printed. They then uploaded the amended files to the sites and forums where they found the original blueprints. So far, the bogus blueprints have been downloaded more than 13,000 times, no doubt resulting in a frustrated bad guy or two somewhere in the world with a gun that won’t work. Check out the video for full details.

(Disclaimer: while we encourage you to use pranks to make the world a better place, do make sure to stay safe while doing it.)


Advertising Agency: TBWAPARIS, France

Agency Manager: Matthéo Pressmar

Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin MarchalFaustin Claverie

Copywriter: Swann Richard

Art Director: François Claux

Editing and Motion Graphic Design: Nicolas Duval

Chief Data Officer: Basile Viault

Production: Eoin Sherry

Chief Data Officer: Eoin Sherry

Production: TBWAElse

Chief Executive Officer: Maxime Boiron

Producer: Cathy Pericone

Production Coordinator: Léa Gosselin

Sound Production: TBWAElse

Head of Music and Sound: Olivier Lefebvre

Music Art Director: Ferdinand Huet

Sound Director: Fabrice Pouvreau

Composer: Nicolas Neidhardt

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