Patagonia Gets Us Thinking Before We Buy

Every year, legacy brand Patagonia release challenging, creative adverts and campaigns on Black Friday. Not because they are for it, but because Black Friday launches the retail holiday season and they’d like to encourage people to consume less. Among its hive of impressionable ads and campaigns, for 2016’s Black Friday they donated 100% of sales to grassroots projects, raising $10million. In 2017 they told us, “don’t buy this jacket”- urging us to think before we buy. This year, they posted a smart reversible poem, tilting perceptions on their head.

For Patagonia, “it’s folly to assume that a healthy economy can be based on buying and selling more and more things people don’t need – and it’s time for people who believe that’s folly to say so.”

Enjoy the poem:


The text reads:

“We’re all screwed

So don’t tell us that

We can imagine a healthy future

Because the reality is

It’s too late to fix the climate crisis

And we don’t trust anyone who says

We need to demand a livable planet

Because we don’t have a choice

(Now read this bottom up)



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