L’Oréal’s new campaign has a message for men: Hire more women

L’Oréal, one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands, wants businessmen in management positions to know that female power is not just a trending topic in connection with International Women’s Day. L’Oréal has teamed up with the advertising agency, McCann Worldgroup Deutschland, for a humorous campaign that simplifies the message by demonstrating the benefits of female leadership. This message is illustrated using some of the executives’ favourite things: graphs and charts. 

Both L’Oréal Paris and McCann Worldgroup Deutschland have been doing some research showing that 91,4% of management and governing boards in Germany are comprised by men, which led to the first cosmetic advertising for men. Graphs and charts consisting of infographics with cosmetic products prove that women belong in management positions: data, research and several studies showed among other things that when women occupy 30% of management positions profitability increases by 15%. 

Furthermore, research indicated that female executives perform 24% above men in management reviews, and that companies which employed more women executives generated around 20% more patents annually.  

In a Facebook-post, McCann wrote: “To dramatize these facts, McCann created print ads that correct the perception of women leaders as less than men. To add a dose of humour, they directed the ads at men. To make them eye-catching, they used L’Oréal products to build the infographics.” 

As a part of L’Oréal’s Women of Worth program these ads ended up in both business magazines and fashion publications like Cosmopolitan and Vogue

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