Local business never looked so good

With globalisation comes the wondrous converging of cultures across the world, sharing what they do best.

But also, more controversially, the standardisation (read: McDonaldisation) of soulless chain stores. With limited resources, local business owners are hardly to blame for falling behind with their photography. Google’s seemingly untouchable algorithms weren’t helping the matter.

But Canon’s campaign changed that. Partnering with Google’s Local Guides, Canon linked Canon camera users with local businesses, helping to expose and appreciate the efforts of local business owners with photos alongside educational content featuring the influencers themselves.

Canon’s Nordic following skyrocketed, while earnest small businesses earned well deserved customers, and we could just cry at the outcome and collaboration between keen Canon photographers in Copenhagen and beyond!


Similarly, Square’s campaign makes it easier for small businesses to process card payments, taking advantage of a classic word close to many a Brit’s heart. Have your say on it here!



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