Let’s Let Kids Be Kids: An Ad For H&M

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock of late, you may have spotted the controversy surrounding a certain H&M t-shirt. The monkey caused uproar amongst many, including several celebrities, for its racist connotations.

Model Liam Mango’s mother may have argued against this, but the controversy shone a light on their clothing in general – namely, its gender stereotyped nature. It’s a fight that’s been fought for a while, with campaigns such as #pinkstinks, No Gender December and #unstereotype backed by Unilever. But brands still seem to be behind.

Two Norwegian moms (who happen to work in advertising at The Oslo Company) took it upon themselves to change that, with a campaign that challenges the notion that boys will be changing the world while girls play princesses, champions individuality regardless of gender and emphasises the brand’s opportunity to “create the future every day”

It’s still not socially accepted for men to cry, and there’s way too few female leaders in the world. No wonder, when girls grow up learning  «it’s the little things that matter» while boys are encouraged to be «future stars.»



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